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The word  Yoga is an ancient Sanskrit word-- meaning "union"-- referring to the balance between body, mind, and spirit.

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Yoga for equestrians advocates an approach to riding that encourages understanding, patience and compassion for horse and rider. Yoga also develops or enhances strength by using your own body weight. Yoga can contribute to flexibility, better breathing and a calm centered mind, all of which can benefit horse and rider. Yoga improves breathing, body awareness and helps  maintain flexibility.

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Windy Ridge Riding Stables is located in Mount Pleasant, NC, conveniently near Concord and Charlotte. Our riding stables are situated in a quiet pastoral setting, warm and welcoming, that simply feels like home.  Our primary focus is on teaching, training, and learning. We teach a foundation of horse riding lesson basics and safety that will allow students to enjoy horseback riding throughout their lives. Our progressive system of riding lessons is designed to turn out a complete, knowledgeable, and skillful rider. We offer full care boarding, and you can take lessons on your own horse or use one of our well trained school horses.

 Yoga on Horseback

Whiskey Road Foxhounds Hunt Week

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