Adult Riding Lessons

Better than any exercise program, riding is both fun and a good healthy activity. Riding at Windy Ridge provides a great challenge and a beautiful setting to carve out some much needed time for yourself. To those riders getting back into the sport, it's never to late--once you step in the barn, those good memories will come flooding back and you'll fall in love all over again.

 Private Lessons are held in Sessions of four 1 Hour lessons, held once per week for 4 consecutive weeks, at a designated Day & Time. $130.00 per four week  session.

Children's Riding Lessons
Our students go through a structured program of "Levels" following a proven curriculum. Skills are taught in a logical, progressive series; Skill level appropriate lessons are tailored to individual learning styles, starting at age three.We offer a friendly atmosphere and personal attention, safe horses, safe instructors, and a safe environment. 
Private lessons are held in sessions of four 1 hour lessons, held once per week for 4 consecutive weeks, at a designated Day & Time. $130.00 per four week session

Windy Ridge Stables Horse back Riding Lessons

Yoga on Horseback Sessions

Yoga and horseback riding are as ancient and classical as horsemanship itself. Yoga promotes awareness and stillness, two main areas that apply to equestrians. Being attentive to the moment and movement allows you to connect with the horse. One of the most important lessons a person learns from a horse is that our body language is the primary way we communicate with them. Benefits include: relaxing and energizing, body awareness, flexibility, alignment and balance.


Stable and Horse Care Classes

We offer stable and horse care classes designed to meet the needs of new riders and new horse owners. We cover a wide variety of subjects, including: diet and feeding, grooming, bathing, clipping, stabling, turnout, basic first aid, hoof care, vaccinations and de-worming, vitamins and supplements.

Classes range from 30 minutes to an hour and are priced accordingly. Call for rates. 704-436-2433